I’ve been watching the BBC programme where they search for the best amateur baker. It’s really interesting to hear the comments of the bakers on their own performance. There is one contestant who seems to start every interview with a negative; “Oh, I’m not looking forward to that one”, “I’m really worried about my cake rising”, “I can’t seem to get my timings right” and on it goes.

I have no doubt that the messages she’s sending to herself will prove her correct. The unconscious mind is but a slave to the conscious. And the stuff we tell ourselves … in our heads and out loud become instructions to the unconscious and we prove ourselves right.

Becoming aware of the language we use is the first step in changing our outcomes. If you are constantly focussing on what can go wrong your unconscious will do all it can to deliver what you are focussing on. Fortunately the reverse is true.

When I work with athletes and sports people we mentally rehearse everything going right which gives a clear direction to the unconscious mind.

So lady baker you could start by telling yourself that you are a great baker, you know all the techniques and begin visualising having your cake and eating it.

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