About Martyn

MH LUHe used to be an award-winning copywriter & radio station executive now Martyn is a coach and therapist working in the Tyne Valley.

He trained with Paul McKenna & Richard Bandler to become an NLP Master Practitioner and hypnotherapist. He’s been a major driver in developing DNA Lightup and he’s a good turn as a speaker & trainer.


It’s possible you’ve heard his voice on ads on radio, tv & the internet. His radio background coupled with hypnotic training means his hypnosis audio recordings are very popular – and available here.

“I don’t really like the term ‘hypnotherapist’” says Martyn “it conjures up the wrong image. Many people have a fear of being made look silly thanks to the stuff they’ve seen on telly”

“Just last week a lovely client was being very cagey. When I asked a few questions it ended with her admitting that she was worried about losing control under hypnosis”

“I reassured her that hypnosis is just a changed state of mind – that hypnotic trances are absolutely normal. That we all are going into and out of trances all the time.  When you are immersed in  a great book: that’s a trance. When you drive a regular route and can’t remember the details of getting to your destination: that’s a trance. When you drift off into a pleasant memory and become unaware of the stuff going on around you: that’s a trance.”

“In short hypnosis is completely natural and safe and can be very useful. And, having said that, the hypnosis is only a part of the toolbox. I only know for certain which tool or tools I might use when I’m in front of the client and really aware of the nature of what he or she wants to achieve”


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