Hypnosis can help

Fear of Flying

Hypnosis can help with many phobias. Like any phobia Fear of Flying is just a learned behaviour. And what you can learn you can un-learn – very quickly. A recent client used to dread flying and it was made worse by the fact that her partner enjoyed regular foreign business trips and she could have gone too!  She recently returned from the far east with the message: “I actually enjoyed the flight. Thanks.”

Weight Loss

Weight issues are probably my single biggest presenting issue. And there are many commonalities with the clients. Many have been to those regular weekly meetings to be lectured and public weighed. Many have tried all the fad diets. Most of them can tell me the calorific value of any item of food. And many of them are stuck… yo-yoing up and down in weight. Strangely I have found that weight is rarely about food per se. Most weight issues are habitual and brain based.

Smoking Cessation

tab-bart-scholliersSmoking, drinking, drugs and other addictions are again more habit than true addictions. And when you really want to change that habit it can be achieved in just a couple of sessions. Every smoker KNOWS that it’s expensive, smelly and can lead to serious health problems and wants to stop…. But they continue the habit. Using direct hypnosis, aversion and a little bit of unconscious re-programming many people are helped.

Tics and unwanted behaviours

I had a client recently who thought it very strange when I told her that her facial twitch was “just a behaviour” and again a behaviour she had learned in the past. A twitch is an excellent example of an unconscious behaviour and we used the unconscious to change that behaviour.  When I first saw her she got very anxious about going to family get-togethers because of the embarrassment her twitch caused her.  The last time we spoke, she was ORGANISING her sister’s surprise party.


Flying, dogs, moths, spiders, needles, open-spaces, confined spaces, bananas, buttons … the list is literally endless. And it frustrates me that people live with these conditions for years on end when they can be changed for good in just one session. Indeed it’s making changes like these that really make my job so worthwhile.


Nervousness and anxiety often are created from within. It’s not the exam itself that creates the anxiety, it’s how we think about it. By changing the way you think about a subject you can regain control under hypnosis.

Academic Motivation

I was recently asked to be a guest on BBC local radio to comment on a survey that showed that 20% of us are “chronic procrastinators”. That is, they regularly put off either starting or finishing tasks. Using a simple NLP technique and the client’s previous experience, it is relatively simple to help someone towards a more motivated state.


A recent client observed that she was massively surprised by the extent of the change she had made. We worked on her anxiety and in the initial consultation we isolated some very specific things to work on; not least some old guilt. Her email after the session was almost joyous: “… the guilt and bad thoughts are gone … Due to that, I feel so much happier all the time. Magic. What I did not anticipate was how my confidence levels have risen …  it must feel amazing to make such a difference to people as you do.” It does!

Interview Preparation

interiew-tim-gouwA few years ago when I was still in the corporate world I had to make some redundancies (one of the reasons I left the corporate world) and one chap was visibly shattered. As a supportive and caring boss I helped him prepare a stunning CV and coached him on the best way to present himself in the interview. Although he was lacking confidence and down on himself I taught him some simple techniques. He got the gig and I recently heard from him and he gave me the best compliment ever; “I now teach everyone who’ll listen what you taught me”.

Public Speaking

I read somewhere that fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears around. I recently met up with an old colleague to whom I taught some NLP tricks many years ago. One of the first things she said was “I still use that presentation trick you gave me.” Her problem was about speaking in front of a group of people. It’s a simple “state-management” technique that when combined with hypnosis can literally change your life.


Confidence is a strange one. It’s very often inter-linked with many of the other issues that people present with and most people notice a link between their weight, for example, and confidence.  I had a gentleman last year who regularly had to report back to a management team and although he was great at his job, when it came to his part in the meeting he would “fall to pieces”. Before his turn he’d be observing his colleagues telling himself that they were much better than him. Then he would stumble through his bit and miss the rest of the meeting because he was beating himself up in his head for being such a loser. A very bad spiral to be in. One session showed him how to break the cycle forever and immediately his confidence grew. And as his confidence grew other people noticed and suddenly his inner voice was congratulating him and that in turn led to increased confidence. Your brain is a funny thing.


sleeping-dog-jacob-ufkerSome people are just not great at relaxing, even resting or switching off. I had a young mum come to see me and with a “terrible two” toddler she was just exhausted. She enjoyed the time she gave herself in the hypnotherapy chair just to relax and recharge. After her first session she opened her eyes, blinked and said “Wow, that felt like 10 hours sleep”.