Sleep Stories

One of the biggest issues I come across is lack of sleep. For many years I’ve provided hypnosis audio tapes and CDs for adults. They were standard hypnosis material and then a lady asked if they would work for toddlers.

Now we have a whole series of books & audios for kids called Sleep Stories.DSC_0008 Sleep Stories is an exciting new venture which utilises the lulling language patterns from hypnosis and combines them with fun characters.  The result is a series of books and audiobooks designed to help toddlers to go to sleep.

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And Sleep Stories aren’t just for kids

If you have trouble calming your mind we have created a bunch of stories for adults carefully laced with subliminal sleep messages. They have a narrative and combined with the soothing tones of Martyn’s storytelling voice you’ll soon be dropping off.seaglass cover

Have a listen here.